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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Space wars

Everyonceinawhile I'll get stuck on a certain idea and i'll bang my head against the wall for a few weeks and then happen upon something that is exactly what I've been trying to work out. So here it is, Space Wars. I'm eating my heart out.

Mountain Man Love

The first chunk of shooting on Mountain Man is wrapped. That is to say, a small (and incongruous) number of shots have been digitized and sit on a hard drive or two. This has always been the hardest part of film making for me. You rush so hard to the wrap physical production, but I never seem prepared for the HUGE amount of work that lay ahead of me. Color timing, marketing, picture lock, sound mix – FUCKIT. I’m done. Next project.

But seriously folks, this weekend was hugely rewarding, and served as a great reminder to why we started this whole thing to begin with.

Here’s a screen cap to tide you muthas over. I dare you to not be over whelmed. For more information on the progress of our Eco-Terror Opus, check out the Mountain Man Production Blog. Whiz-Bang-Happy!

Oh boy, Oh Blog

Here it is, glistening and slippery wet, m'new blog.
I hadn't updated my site in years, but theres news now! Big news! and I aint stoppin. So here is the place, the here and now. Subscribe and love it.