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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RSS Awareness Day!

May 1st was RSS Awareness day, and while this post is a few days late, I still knew about RSS
Awareness day because of my RSS feeds. So I thought I'd take the time to share this video with you.

In all honesty, my google reader has changed my life. So if you're reading this blog in a standard browser window - STOP! Sign up for a FREE reader, then subscribe to my feed. You'll know when I update, and when all your friends update, and when every other blog that you really love but spend too much time checking when there isn't even a new post actually has updated! Life will be better, I promise.

My RSS feeds keep me hip to all the newest trends and stuff!

Exhibit A:Do I have time to go to* everyday? No way! I'm too busy and important. BUT, my RSS feed will let me know when does update, thataway I wont miss out on any offensive, overly processed meat novelty products ( and you know how much I love novelty food items).

* Okay, so I saw this on a bunch of other blogs as well. I dont actually subscribe to's feed, but you all read boing-boing anyway, right?

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