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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Enlow co.

The Ball and Chain, Myself, and the in-laws were sitting around, waiting for a movie to start the other day and the topic of "my production company" came up. While I am a long, long way from ever needing such an entity, it would be nice to have a concrete decision on what my "calling card" should be for the purposes of "branding" my "projects" (gross). I had just finished expressing my dismay in deciding what to call said company when my Father-in-law blurts out "enlow co.". Now, I never like admitting that other people have good ideas. I'm an egomaniac. However, Enlow is my last name, so his idea was inspired by me. I let it slide.
A few days later, I dreamed up this simple, but I feel effective logo. I'm stuck with it now.

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CW said...

Ball & Chain, eh?