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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Zuckerberg does not compute

Valleywag mentioned recently that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg may be a bit... antisocial. Mark certainly seems to fit (and even personify) every silicon valley engineer stereortype I've ever heard. They go on to insinuate that perhaps, Mr. Facebook may actually have a hard time expressing his feelings. They reference a GQ feature:

(12:25 p.m.) Mark: There’s this definite evolution happening. Where the first part of the social web was mapping out the social graph. And the second phase is now mapping out the stream of everything that everyone does. All of human consciousness and communication.
(12:29 p.m.) Alex: Imagine if you could broadcast people’s emotions into a feed?
(12:30 p.m.) Mark: I think we’ll get there.
(12:30 p.m.) Alex: So how are you going to map all of human consciousness and communication?
(12:30 p.m.) Mark: We don’t map it directly. We give people tools so they can share as much as they want, but increasingly people share more and more things, and there’s this trend toward sharing a greater number of smaller things like status updates, wall posts, mobile photos, etc. A status update can approach being a projection of an emotion.

Given the evidence, I think the real issue at hand is obvious; Zuckerberg is an android. Why else would he be so obsessed with "mapping" human emotions - only because his cold android heart cannot fathom them!

Photographic evidence:

"It's Complicated..."
Sorry. I thought this was a good idea this morning.

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